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Shelter medicine program takes veterinary care to rural area荷泽吉润泰设备有限公司

Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell provided four one-day veterinary wellness clinics in 2019 to pets of low-income residents of Schuyler County, New York, thanks to an Engaged Opportunity Grant from the Office of Engagement Initiatives.

Organic crop practices affect long-term soil health阳泉金本公科技有限公司

Prior organic farming practices and plantings can have lasting outcomes for future soil health, weeds and crop yields, according to Cornell research.

Good role models can help dairy farmers reduce antibiotic use咸阳禄元东有限公司

Researchers from Cornell and the University of Wageningen used a social psychology approach to understand how dairy farmers’ views impact how and when they use antibiotics to treat their cows.

'Locally grown' broccoli looks, tastes better to consumers黄山台恒巨科技有限公司

In tests, consumers in upstate New York were willing to pay more for broccoli grown in New York when they knew where it came from, Cornell researchers found.

Mother, daughter reindeer back on holiday duty after surgeries景洪协富大科技有限公司

A reindeer mother and daughter are ready for duty this holiday season following cataract surgery in late summer at the Cornell University Equine and Nemo Farm Animal Hospital.

Northeast ADA Center helps inform organization’s compliance白山宝顺信设备有限公司

The Northeast ADA Center, in the ILR School’s Yang-Tan Institute, is partnering with Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes to help the organization create a more inclusive environment for its patients.

Veterinary clinicians’ ‘house call’ saves beloved Chihuahua茂名禄发贵机械有限公司

Dr. Jared Baum from the Cornell University Hospital for Animals took a recent late-night road trip east to help save the life of Mabel, a 16-year-old Chihuahua, whose owners run a shelter for aging dogs.

Cornell research drives NYSEG electric car charging pilot百色高信圣有限公司

A new plan being piloted by NYSEG, in collaboration with Cornell researchers, aims to encourage electric vehicle owners to delay charging in exchange for lower prices, in order to coordinate power use across the grid.

Farm to School grows NY ag, sows seeds for healthy eating哈尔滨德利国服务有限公司

Cornell Cooperative Extension has become a driving force behind a surge in New York’s Farm to School initiatives. The programs stock school cafeterias with fresh, local foods and offer farmers an expanded market for their goods.

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